Our Senior Management Team

  • A photo of Dr Timothy Craggs

    Dr Timothy Craggs

    Founder and CSO

    Tim is an internationally renowned expert in the development and application of single-molecule FRET methods and in the detailed biophysical characterisation of protein folding, and protein-nucleic acid interactions. As a champion for open science and accessibility, Tim founded Exciting Instruments in order to bring his team’s developments in single-molecule spectroscopy to the broadest possible user base.

  • A photo of Robert Bell

    Robert Bell


    Rob leads software development, which forms the backbone of each of Exciting Instruments technology offerings. As a Director of Bulldozer Limited, and a lead software engineer at Razor Limited, Rob has built an extensive portfolio of successful grass-roots technology companies that have generated fast growth and unrivalled software functionality through his skill at taking ideas and making them a reality.

  • A photo of Chris Sellars

    Chris Sellars


    Chris Sellars is a specialist in providing intelligent, proactive and candid advice to technology companies, and brings a pragmatic approach when making the Exciting Instruments vision a reality. Chris’ background in corporate finance provides the solid foundation which continues to drive Exciting Instruments’ expansion.

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