• Key features

    • Compact instrument for benchtop or glovebox use
    • Real-time analysis and publication ready plots
    • Accessible to both new-users and experts
    • A modular system that expands with your research
  • Key applications

    • Protein and nucleic acid interactions
    • Obtain fast conformational dynamics
    • Biophysics and life-science discoveries
    • Drug development and diagnostics
  1. Continuous wave lasers

    • 30-40 mW lasers
    • 2 laser lines: 520 and 638 nm
    • 3 laser lines: 450 / 488, 520 and 638 nm
  2. Light-tight and laser safe

    • Bench top operatable in any lab

    Environmental Temperature Control (optional extra)

    • 25-60 °C control
  3. Easily switchable dicroics and filters

    • To match your dyes and experiments
  4. Benchtop Operation

    • Compact footprint 600 x 600 x 450mm (wdh)

Intuitive software

Publication ready plots for smFRET and FCS experiments at the push of a button

Last Operation 2-colour alternating laser excitation (ALEX) – on the microsecond time-frame 1 or 2 colour continuous wave laser excitation
Online Operation Mode Cloud connected

Full background calculation, all photon dual channel burst searches, ES histograms and 1D FRET histograms in real-time

Comprehensive data archiving - access your data from anywhere

Comprehensive data archiving - access your data from anywhere
Offline Operation Mode Live time-trace and live ES histogram and live background estimation and occupancy. Obtain absolute FRET efficiencies using our supplied protocols Live number and brightness data, live correlation curves and time-traces allow visual inspection of data in real-time during the experiment
Data Export HDF5 file format with full meta data HDF5 file format with full meta data

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