Frequently Asked Questions

Is an optical table required?

The EI-FLEX system does not require an optical table and our online diagnostic tools will ensure repeatable performance.

Is laser training required?

The EI-FLEX system is a Class 1 laser product and may be used in a standard lab without specific laser training.

How do I analyse the data?

The EI-FLEX software is easy to use. Our cloud-based data analysis and graphing tools are making single molecule discoveries, at the push of a button, accessible to all users. Raw data downloads are available in HDF5 format to provide compatibility with all down-stream, data analysis software.

How flexible is the EI-FLEX?

The EI-FLEX system is built on the vision of Dr Timothy Craggs and the Exciting Instruments team to create an affordable, bench-top smFRET/FCS system capable of meeting the exacting needs and build standards of single molecule specialists, whilst maintaining the ease-of-use and accessibility suitable for the broadest range of academic and industrial users. The EI-FLEX range is designed to grow with your lab, your research and your business. Please contact us to find out more about the EI-FLEX range and how Exciting Instruments can support your laboratory and your research.

Understand every molecule

Plate-readers and traditional assay methods, such as ELISA, only provide information on the ensemble average of all molecular species present in a sample or within an assay. This can lead to imprecise measurements or inaccurate assumptions about how drugs, therapies, or ligands are interacting. The EI-FLEX system uses single molecule sensitivity and is therefore designed to provide information on the true distribution of molecular conformations and molecule-molecule interactions within a sample or assay. The EI-FLEX system requires no immobilisation, enabling studies to be performed in more physiologically-relevant environments and states.

Single-molecule FRET is a powerful tool for the measurement of inter and intramolecular distances; however, it requires the determination of absolute FRET efficiencies. Our smRULER feature utilises ALEX (alternating laser excitation) combined with our smRULER calibration standards and straight-forward calibration protocols to overcome these issues and make absolute distance measurements simpler and more accurate! smRULER is designed to give you greater confidence in uncovering molecule conformations and in assigning conformations to different structural states.

A recent worldwide benchmarking study (Nature Methods 2018) has shown these methods for absolute FRET determination to be both precise and accurate.

Real-time analysis with cloud connectivity

Our advanced software for the EI-FLEX system utilises cloud connectivity to perform complex data analysis in real-time, allowing you to visualise your data as it grows, helping to support simple and fast assay validations which accelerate the decision-making process.

An interface for all users

  • Fully equipped to perform complex data analysis in the cloud at the push of a button whilst providing HDF5 file downloads for further down-stream data analysis where required.
  • An intuitive experimental profile builder and built-in calibration profiles means you can start making discoveries sooner.
  • Our cloud connectivity makes your collaborations agile, enabling results sharing within research groups.
  • Full metadata is stored with each experiment helping to support GMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 forward compatibility.

smFRET measurements typically take around 30 minutes and FCS measurements around 1 minute. Our software allows you to view experiment progress in real-time, speeding up the discovery process.

The EI-FLEX system is compatible with a broad range of commercial probes which are suitable for traditional ALEX FRET measurements including Cy™, Atto-tec, Alexa Fluor, Janelia Fluor®, Fluorescent Proteins, CLIP-Cell™ and SNAP-Cell® fluorescent probes. We are constantly expanding the list of recommended probes, so please contact us for a list of our currently recommended probes for use with our dual excitation laser system.

We are currently offering the following optional add-ons for the EI-FLEX system:

  • Temperature control (accurately control temperatures in the 25-45°C range)
  • Blue Laser module

Expanding the EI-FLEX system with features that will help you grow your research and your business is core to our vision. Please get-in touch and help us to do this.

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